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It is only 2 kms from Kattumannarkoil and at 27 kms west of Chidambaram has the temple Sriman Nathamunigal Sri Aalavandar Thirumaligai. This place is also called as Chathurvedamangalam.

This is one of the Shivastalam and is only 6 kms from Kattumannarkoil. The Dakshinamurthy shrine is of significance here. This shrine is also one of the five Puliyurs associated with Vyagrapadar. Shiva here is also known as Pranava Vyagrapureeswarar. Inscriptions in this temple speak of endowments made by Kopperunchingan of the later Pallavas (1257 CE).

This Shivastalam - a 'veritable art gallery of the 12th century and a unique graceful monument of Dravidian art' is at a distance of about 6 kms from Kattumannarkoil and at 31 kms from Chidambaram. About 1.5 kms east of this temple is Kadambur Ilamkoyil, a Tevara Vaippustalam. It is also known as Melaikkadambur. This is a temple covering an area of about 3.4 acres, the main temple is chariot shaped with wheels and horses.

Gangai Konda Cholapuram
This temple which is 20 kms from Kattumannarkoil is dedicated to Lord Shiva. King Rajendra Chozha (1012-44) constructed many temples for Lord Siva. After his success in Eastern India up to the Ganges, he built Sri Brahadeeswara temple at Gangai Konda Chozhapuram, in Perambalur district.

It is 25 kms from Kattumannarkoil. Chidambaram is an important pilgrim centre and a holy place for Saivaites as the famous Nataraja Temple is located here. Lord Shiva, known here as Nataraja, is the presiding deity.

Chidambaram is also known for its Annamalai University - the first residential university in Tamil Nadu. Founded by the Raja Sir Annamalai Chettiar.

Swami Malai
This is one of the 6 abodes of Lord Subramanya and is only 6 kms from Kumbakonam and 56 kms from Kattumannarkoil. Swamimalai in the Chola Kingdom enshrines Swaminathan in a temple built on an artificial mound accessed through a flight of 60 steps symbolizing the 60 years that constitute the cycle of years in the Indian calendar.

This temple is associated with the legend of Skanda having re-initiated his father Shiva, with the concept of the oneness of creation of Omkaram.

Vaideeswaran Koil
This Shivastalam is about 50 kms from Kattumannarkoil, hailed as one of the 9 Navagraha Stalams, sacred to Mars - Angarakan. This holy place is sanctified by the humanitarian doctor Vadieeswaran, enshrined as a Swayambhu Lingam.

A great feature in the temple construction, is the design and position of the western tower, which allows the rays of the Sun to fall on the Sivalinga for a few days every year.

It is 50 kms from Kattumannarkoil. Mayiladuthurai in the midst of several shrines with puranic significance.

The Sapta Matas are said to have worshipped Shiva at 7 of the temples in the vicinity including Vallalaar Koil. Dakshinamurthy's shrine in the nearby Vallalaar (Gurumoorthy - Vadhaanyeswarar) Koil is of great significance. The Parimala Ranganathar Temple at Thiruvizhandur in Mayiladuthurai, is considered to be one of the Pancharangams, the other four being Srirangapatnam (Karnataka), Srirangam, Koyiladi (Anbil) and Kumbhakonam (along the course of the river Kaveri).

50 kms from Kattumannarkoil is the temple town of Kumbakonam. Situated on the fertile banks of the Cauvery, this town is associated with art, literature, music and dance, and above all - the proverbial shrewdness of its people.

There are 4 large temples. The Sarangapani temple and Ramaswamy temple are the Vaishnava temples and Kumbeshwarar and Nageshwara temples are dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Sirkazhi about 25 kms from Kattumannarkoil, is a highly revered shrine with 71 (the most number of known) Tevara Patikams and is located in the vicinity of Vaitheeswaran Koyil near Chidambaram. Sirkali is considered to be the 14th of the Tevara Stalangal loacted to the North of the river Kaveri in the Chola region of Tamilnadu.

Three different forms of Shiva are worshipped here, the Shivalingam (Bhrammapureeswarar), a collossal image of Uma Maheswarar (Toniappar) at the upper level, and Bhairavar (Sattanathar) again at the upper level.

This small town known for its Bhuvarahaswamy temple, one of the eight self created Swayam Vyaktamkshetras in the south is about 35 kms from Kattumannarkoil and at 30 kms north west of Chidambaram. This Vaishnavite temple has some of the richest carvings in the district and is said to be very ancient. 16 pillars of grained black gneiss are remarkable pieces.

The Uppiliappan Temple in Thiruvinnagaram about 6 kms from Kumbakonam and 56 kms from Kattumannarkoil, is one of the sacred 108 Vaishnava Divya Desams and is dedicated to Lord Venkatachalapathi.

The prasadam for the Lord in this temple is prepared without salt. This is the reason the deity is known among many other names, as Uppiliappan (uppu+ ill+appan), which in Tamil means 'the One who does not take salt'..

It is about 41 kms from Kattumannarkoil and at 16 kms east of Chidambaram, ranks among the most exquisite scenic spot with abundant and varied tourism resources. The backwaters which are interconnected by the Vellar and Kollidam system offer abundant scope for water sports - parasailing, rowing and canoeing.